Are strollers allowed on the route?

Sorry, we cannot permit strollers to participate in the Maritime Race Weekend – but we do encourage your children to attend and cheer from the sidewalk. Only registered participants with a race-bib will be granted access onto the route.

Are there age limitations?

For the safety of younger runners, the following age limitations have been set for Maritime Race Weekend registration:

  • Children under the age of 6 are not eligible to register.
  • Children between the ages of 6-12 years are permitted to run the 5K race, but must be accompanied along the route the entire time by a registered participant over 18 years of age. Parents/guardians not registered for the race are not permitted to run/walk the route with their child.
  • Children 12-18 years are permitted to run the 10K with parental consent.
  • Adults 18 years or older can register for all races (5K, 10K, 15K half-marathon and marathon).

Can a friend pick-up my race-kit?

Yes!!! If you cannot come to the race-kit pick-up yourself, then a friend can pick-up your race-kit and deliver it to you (but they cannot participate in the race as you).

Can dogs run or walk the route?

Sorry, we cannot permit dogs on-leash or off-leash with participants.

Can I defer?

Deadline to defer is July 31, 2019. Sorry, no extensions.

Can I get a refund?

We sympathize with life’s uncertainties, but we do not offer refunds. If you decide that you would like to run/walk a shorter race than the one you have signed up for, then you can always drop down to another race with no additional cost. It wouldn’t be fair to say yes to some and no to others based on circumstances, so we so do not make exceptions to this policy.

Can I sell or transfer to a friend?

Yes, you can sell or transfer your registration.

You are responsible to find your replacement and collect payment. We do not have a wait list.

You CANNOT split up a Tartan Twosome and sell it to two people running single races.

IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing a bib from someone via www.RaceRoster.com – you will pay the registration fee to them (not us). Bibs have already been printed and swag ordered. If you prefer to have a blank bib instead of the bib you purchased, you will be required to pay an additional $20 (cash or cheque only) to Maritime Race Weekend for the cost of a new bib, new chip and administration of the switch. You can also switch the swag for a different style and size from our swag swap table.

Can I switch my race distance?

Yes, no problem. For planning reasons, we prefer all distance changes are made by August 15. We will allow switches until September 13, 2019 @ 5pm via www.RaceRoster.com – switches are no longer processed at race-kit pick-up.

Can I switch my shirt for a different size?

Yes!!! We ordered extra shirts and have a shirt swap table at race-kit pick-up. We do not guarantee what sizes are available at any given time as the sizes will continually be changing, but there usually are a variety available.

How do I get there?

Sunset 5K, Sunrise 5K, Coastal 10K, Scenic Half-Marathon and Classic Marathon start/finish is at Fisherman’s Cove (Wharf Road, Eastern Passage)

There is public transportation into Eastern Passage via Metro Transit. The bus schedule is regular and there is a bus stop at Fisherman’s Cove.

DRIVING (We encourage carpooling!)
If you are driving, we encourage participants to arrive at least 1 hour before the race starts to ensure time to find parking

Is the event rain or shine?

Yes!!! Weather won’t dampen the spirits of pirates – we run/walk regardless of what mother nature has planned.

Any other questions please contact us.

Is there a time-limit on the marathon?

Yes, 6 hours.

Is your marathon a Boston Qualifier?

Yes it’s a Boston Qualifier. Plus, we make handmade cheer signs for every marathoner around the half-way mark AND have a mobile aid unit driving the course between 30-42.2K in case you need a pick-me-up! Though we recommend you bring your own supplies, if you run out of gels, gum, need Vaseline or glide – our mobile aid unit is travelling the route and ready to help YOU!

What are your routes?

Click here to review routes »

What are your shirt sizes?

All measurements are in inches

Women’s Sizing Chart

Numeric Size 2 4—6 8—10 12—14 16—18 20—22 24—26 28—30
Bust 32—34 35—36 37—38 39—41 42—44 45—47 48—51 52—55
Length 25 25 ½ 26 27 28 29 29 ½ 30

Men’s Sizing Chart

Chest 30—32 34—36 38—40 42—44 46—48 50—52 54—55 56—57
Waist 26—29 29—32 32—35 35—38 38—41 41—44 44—47 47—50
Length 26 27 28 29 30 31 31 ½ 32

Youth Sizing Chart

Numeric Size 6—8 10—12 14—16 18—20
Chest 26—28 28—30 30—32 32—35
Length 21 ½ 23 25 27

What is the Charity Challenge?

Are you part of a not-for-profit or charity group that want to volunteer and potentially win $500 as BEST WATERSTOP?

In addition to potentially winning the cash prize, your not-for-profit or charity will receive a FREE BOOTH at our race-kit pick-up. This is an amazing opportunity to spread your message and share information about your organization!

All charity groups participating in the waterstop challenge will receive an honorarium of $200.

All you need is 10 enthusiastic adult volunteers to pass out water between 7am-2pm on September 16 and a theme! We supply the cups, water, table, gloves etc.

Our judges will pick BEST WATERSTOP.

All groups participating in the Charity Challenge must be not-for-profit or a charity. Call 902-877-9355 or email for more details.

What is the event schedule?

Race-kit pick-up is at Halifax Forum (2901 Windsor Street, Halifax) – Thursday, September 13 (2pm-8pm) and Friday, September 14 (12pm-8pm).

There is no race-kit pick-up at Fisherman’s Cove. Race-kit pick-up closes at 8pm on Friday, please plan your travel schedule accordingly.

7pm: Sunset 5K @ Fisherman’s Cove

8am: Sunrise 5K, Coastal 10K, Scenic Half-Marathon and Classic Marathon @ Fisherman’s Cove
10am-2pm: Pirate Jamboree @ Fisherman’s Cove (FREE BEER)
2pm: Free Kids Pirate Parade @ Fisherman’s Cove

What is the Tartan Twosome?

The Tartan Twosome is choosing to run TWO races of TWO days. Are you up for the challenge?

Run the Sunset 5K on Friday night and your choice of the Sunrise 5K, Coastal 10K, Scenic Half-Marathon or Classic Marathon on Saturday morning for the Tartan Twosome and you will get EXTRA SWAG. PLUS you’ll earn a THIRD MEDAL!

Consider this your official warning – the Tartan Twosome challenge is capped and sell-outs every year!

When and where is race-kit pick-up?

Race-kit pick-up is at Halifax Forum (2901 Windsor Street, Halifax) – Thursday, September 12 (2pm-8pm) and Friday, September 13 (12pm-8pm).

IMPORTANT: There is no race-kit pick-up at Fisherman’s Cove. Race-kit pick-up closes at 8pm on race-day, please plan your travel schedule accordingly.

Where can I find training partners?

Joining a running club is an excellent opportunity to join a supportive running community and meet running partners. Here are a few in our local area.





Where do I park?

There are plenty of streets and public parking lots in the area. Next to Fisherman’s Cove is prime parking and likely to fill early. There are also large parking lots by the schools, baseball and soccer fields accessed via Oceanlea Drive.

There is absolutely no parking on Shore Road on Friday or Saturday. Please respect that “Lanes” are actually private driveways and not public parking.  Please do not park in commercial parking lots intended for customers.

Where do I stay?

We picked these hotel partners, because it’s where we’d stay. Spots are limited and discounts are subject to availability — book your rooms early.

  • Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton is the closest location to the race-site. It’s located in Dartmouth, nestled in the heart of a shopping and restaurant district, plus they have a POOL! Pirates are offered a discounted rate of $169 (standard) and $199 (suite) . To make reservations, you can either click here  or call toll free at 1-877-406-7701 and quote group code MRW.
  • Atlantica Hotel is located in the heart of Halifax and steps away from shops and restaurants. The beds are dreamy. They will offer a rate of $149 (standard) to pirates. This rate is for single or double occupancy. They will also offer $10 parking fee per night (50% discount). To reserve a room, call the toll free reservations line at 1-888-810-7288 (to receive discount tell them you are with Maritime Race Weekend).
  • The Westin is in downtown Halifax. Walking distance to a local farmer’s market, waterfront dining, incredible museums and shops. They will offer a rate of $249 (single and double occupancy) to pirates.  To receive this rate, please identify as a Maritime Race Weekend participant at time of booking: 1-888-627-8553.

Where do you post race results?

We are proud to have Atlantic Chip timing our event, results are posted on their website. Atlantic Chip uses the latest in chip technology and ensure accuracy and quick results!