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Race-Kit Pick-Up

When and where is race-kit pick-up?

Race-kit pick-up is located at the Delta hotel (formerly named Ramada @ 240 Brownlow Ave, Dartmouth) – Thursday, September 14 (2pm-8pm) and Friday, September 15 (11am-8pm).

IMPORTANT: There is no race-kit pick-up at Fisherman’s Cove. Race-kit pick-up closes at 8pm on race-day, please plan your travel schedule accordingly.

Can a friend pick-up my race-kit?

Yes!!! If you cannot come to the race-kit pick-up yourself, then a friend can pick-up your race-kit and deliver it to you (but they cannot participate in the race as you).

I can’t make it to the race, can a friend run/walk in my place?

Yes! To transfer to a friend: ask your friend to fill out this form.


They must email the completed form to us, cc: you and indicating they are replacing you. We must receive their email and registration form by August 31, 2016! Voila, it’s that easy. If you are selling the registration to them, you are responsible for the cash transaction.

If you aren’t participating, but you are registered – then please pick-up your race-kit that includes your swag + custom bib! Unclaimed race-kits are not held for a future pick-up and we do to ship them.

Can I switch my shirt for a different size?

Yes!!! We ordered extra shirts and have a shirt swap table at race-kit pick-up. We do not guarantee what sizes are available at any given time as the sizes will continually be changing, but there usually are a variety available.

Is the event rain or shine?

Yes!!! Weather won’t dampen the spirits of pirates – we run/walk regardless of what mother nature has planned.

Any other questions please contact us.

Our Commitment to You

  • quality over quantity
  • awesome swag
  • well planned routes
  • fan support
  • music along route
  • cash prizes
  • lots of giveaways
  • exciting finish line
  • fantastic finisher medal
  • and lots of surprises!
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