Road Closures

Additional vehicles and traffic and bus delays are expected on Sept 11 & 12, 2020 as 2,500 visitors travel to Eastern Passage each day to participate in Maritime Race Weekend.

The duration of the race is:

  • Fri, Sept. 11th from 7PM – 8PM
  • Sat, Sept. 12th from 8AM – 12PM

We are working to improve and reduce the impact on residents travelling along Shore Road. We will install pylons along the yellow center-line on Shore Road (between Fisherman’s Cove and Caldwell Road) and runners will be asked to stay within the boundary, in order to allow for one-way traffic.

Vehicle traffic will flow in a clockwise direction during the two races.
Traffic will flow in a clockwise direction during the two races.

For a majority of the time, vehicles will be permitted on the road unless deemed unsafe by the RCMP. For safety reasons, we have the following rolling-closures planned:

    • Vehicles will not be granted access to Shore Road while the marathon participants pass by on Friday, Sept 11 between 6:55PM – 7:25PM & Saturday, Sept 14 from 7:55AM – 8:25AM.
  • 20 min closures are planned on Saturday, Sept 12 only on Caldwell Road (between Shore Road and Cow Bay Road) from 8:10AM – 8:30AM and on Cow Bay Road (between Caldwell Road and Samuel Daniel Drive) from 8:15AM – 8:35AM.

We thank everyone in advance for your patience, once participants pass your street the road will be accessible again to vehicles. Depending on your location along Shore Road the rolling closure could affect your street from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. RCMP will be managing these rolling closures.

We have 3 routes! Review route maps!

Did you know? Maritime Race Weekend donates money to Oceanview, Seaside FM, The Beacon, kids soccer teams and our local volunteer firefighters. 50% net proceeds from the marathon go to Fisherman’s Cove and the other half to local not-for-profit run clubs. Fresh fruit and bagels are donated to local school breakfast programs. This race helps tourism, our community and local business too!

Our community’s event improves every year, because of the helpful suggestions from residents and support from Barbara Adams (MLA) and Bill Karsten (Councillor).

Thank you!